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There has been a wallpaper renaissance in Highland Mills in recent years.  All those great old houses in the old town center look bare without wallcoverings.  A lot of new, younger homeowners have rediscovered wallpaper as a design choice that gives the most "bang for the buck,"  In other parts of Highland Mills the trend with newer, open floor plan houses has been to wallpaper single accent walls with bold prints as well as using super-durable and practical wallcoverings for powder rooms, bathrooms and kitchens whick last much longer than paint.

Unfortunately there aren't any wallpaper stores in the Highland Mills area so most of my clients shop online.  There is nothing wrong with this except that there is no guidance as to what sort of wallcovering material you should buy when you call an 800 number or click your way through to the shopping cart on a website.  In the old days knowledgeable staff in wallpaper stores steered you towards durable and practical wallpapers for kitchen & baths as well as high traffic areas like hallways.

So before you order anything, check out my buyer's guide to pick out the right material type for your project..  A lot of houses in Highland Mills were built over a hundred years ago and certain types of wallpapers can hide wall roughness and defects.  Knowing what to buy can save you time and a lot of money. After you have the information about the material like roll width, roll length, pattern repeat in inches give my a call and I will come to your house for a free estimate.

(All photos are of actual Jim Parodi jobs)

• Residential Wallpaper
• Commercial Wallpaper
• Grasscloth
• Silk, Hemp, Raffia
• English Pulp Wallpapers
• Paintable Textured Wallpaper
• Wallpaper Removal
• Wallpaper Repair
• Digital Mural Installations
• Retro Wallpaper
• Wallpaper Mural Installation
• Acoustic Wallcoverings

NJ Home Improvement Contractor Lic.# 13VH00565000
Member: Bergen County Mastercraftsman Assn.

Experienced in the installation of these and other popular designer brands:

Experienced in the installation of these and other popular designer brands:
● Arte
● Brunschwig & Fils
● Cole & Son
● Cowtan & Tout
● Farrow & Ball
● Phillip Jeffries
● Nina Campbell
● Osborne & Little
● Ronald Redding
● Sanderson
● Schumacher
● Thibaut
● York
● Zoffany

Getting Started With Your Wallpaper Project

The best way to start is to read my "Wallcovering Types" buyer's guide  before you pick out material. . If you can't get the book, try to get info on the wallpaper like: roll width, roll length, and pattern repeat in inches. If you are ordering online this is usually available on the site. But don't order yet and don't even consider the online "estimators" that can be way off in estimating the paper you need.

After you have this info give me a call and I can come over and give you an estimate for how much material you need and the price to do the job.  This is really the only way to insure that you don't order too little or too much. Returning unused wallcovering costs you money unnecessarily. If you have any questions about anything call 845-534-3623 or email me at jimparodi@gmail.com