How To Hang Grasscloth Video

how to hang grasscloth videoA few years ago I noticed that many people came to wanting to learn how to properly install grasscloth. I think back to how much I learned about grasscloth installation when it was big in the 1970's as I was just an apprentice with my father. Now I'm installing it everywhere again and have a larger suitcase of tips. So I made a DVD-video on how to install grasscloth. It is now available online.

With a run time of about 2 two hours Hanging Grasscloth allows the complete novice to install this material. I cover the subjects of wall prep and pasting by telling you exactly what products I use on the job every day. I also realize that not every person in the world is going to have the professional tools that I use. I am happy to say I came up with a lot of "workarounds" for the novice so they don't have to buy a lot of expensive tools. There are even some tips for the more advanced installers.

For those who already have hung this type of material yet want to learn more about the advanced skills the pros use for grasscloth and similar natural materials like fine hemps, arrowroot, linens and silks, I have an advanced course for at    ~Jim Parodi

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Hanging Grasscoth DVD

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Grasscloth FAQ
revetement mural video in Quebec Revêtments Mural grasscloth in FranceGuide Pratique Pour Installer Revêtements Mural Ramie et Grasscloth
Langue: Anglais
Date de sortie: 2011
Durée: 2 heures 12 minutes

Vidéo instructif pour la pose de tissus muraux aux fibres
végétales..."grasscloth" ou revêtement mural ramie.  2 heures d'informations indispensables pour la pose du grasscloth. "Grasscloth" est un revêtement mural écologique fabriqué à partir de fibres naturelles. Apprenez très rapidement les techniques pour l'installer...
La meilleure colle est comprise ainsi que la préparation du mur avant la pose du grasscloth.

Vidéo DVD NTSC aussi disponible en format XviD .avi.

Grasscloth in Espana, Mexico, Argentina, BrazilGuía Práctica Para la Instalación de Grasscloth Sobre Paredes

Idioma: Inglés
Fecha de publicación: 2011
Duración del video: 2 horas 12 minutos

Se trata de un video didáctica sobre la correcta instalación de papel pintado del paño, tipo Grasscloth, de composición de fibras vegetales.
Dos horas de información imprescindible sobre la mejor manera de aplicar Grasscloth, un producto natural y ecológico fabricado a partir de fibras vegetales naturales. Aprenderá muy rápidamente todas las técnicas que se precisan para la óptima instalación del producto, desde la mejor elección de cola hasta la preparación de la pared antes de poner el Grasscloth.

Video DVD formato NTSC. También disponible en formato XviD .avi.
Installierung der Grasscloth DVDTipps und Tricks für das Behangen der Wandbeläge aus Grasleinen

Sprache: Englisch
Erscheinungsjahr: 2011
Laufzeit: 2 Stunden 12 Minuten

Der Tapeziermeister Jim Parodi präsentiert dieser Unterrichtsvideo über das Behangen der Wandbeläge aus Grasleinen.

Das Video befasst sich um die Wandvorbereitung and das Kleistern sowie die Kleistertischtechnik um Makel zu
vermeiden. Es schließt sich auch die Installierungstechnik ein und bietet Do It Yourself-Hilfe für den Anfängern. Es gibt ja auch die Hinweise für die Fortgeschrittene.

Verfügbar in DVD NTSC oder
XviD .avi Format

grasscloth How to ItalianIl Fai-da-te della Carta Da Parati "Grasscloth"

Lingua: Inglese
Data Uscita: 2011
Durate: 2 h 12'

Questo videocorso pratico e' realizzato da Jim Parodi, installatore di carta da parati di 32 anni esperienza. Presenta questo nuovo DVD riguardo a la installazione carta da parati grasscloth (stoffa tessuta con fibre vegetali). In questa guida ti spiega quale percorso seguire per la preparazione in modo che vi verrà in futuro facile togliere la vecchia tappezzeria. Anche spiega come applicare la colla per evitare macchie sulla faccia delicata di grasscloth. Jim mostra come tagliare intorno le finestre e le porte.

Video DVD NTSC anche disponible en formato XviD .avi.


Sent: 8/14/2012 10:16 AM, R.S. wrote:

Hi Jim, It took me awhile to get up my nerve to start and complete this job. Luckily this product is completely woven reed that is fabric-backed and actually goes on easier than grass cloth. I have never double cut before and this product is a breeze. I followed the instructions in yourvideo and all worked very well. It is unfortunately very expensive and that made me very nervous. Each panel is approx. $250! so I could not afford to ruin any of it. The seams are near invisible and I was able to wrap around two corners continuously with one piece and without much difficulty.
Once again, thanks for the video. I could not have done such a good job without it. Best regards, Ron S.

Sent: November 12, 2012 8:49 AM

Thanks I received the DVD, I am so glad we watched it before we attempted to wall paper. It was extremely informative!

Robin T.