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Campbell Hall has the traditional homes that look great with wallpaper as well as some newer modern homes.   Modern homes with open floor plans can be challenging to wallpaper since they consume a large amount of paper.  But with a little creativity it is possible to use paper on accent walls in living rooms, kitchens and headboard walls in bedrooms.

Unfortunately there are no wallpaper stores in the area any more and a lot of people shop online.  That's fine but just be advised that it is rare to get knowlegable help on the phone with these places.  Before you shop online check out my buyers guide for wallpapering to get up to speed on what kind of materials are out there and where you should use them in the home.
. Many homes in Campbell Hall  were built 70 to  100 years ago with bathrooms without exhaust fans.  The best wallcovering material for these is still  traditional fabric-backed vinyl. Old plastered walls--and there are a lot in Campbell Hall--can be improved with a layer of liner wallpaper before new wallpaper is applied. Choosing the right material for the job can greatly lengthen the life of the installation.

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(All photos are of actual Jim Parodi jobs)

• Residential Wallpaper
• Commercial Wallpaper
• Grasscloth
• Silk, Hemp, Raffia
• English Pulp Wallpapers
• Paintable Textured Wallpaper
• Wallpaper Removal
• Wallpaper Repair
• Digital Mural Installations
• Retro Wallpaper
• Wallpaper Mural Installation
• Acoustic Wallcoverings

NJ Home Improvement Contractor Lic.# 13VH00565000
Member: Bergen County Mastercraftsman Assn.

Experienced in the installation of these and other popular designer brands:

Experienced in the installation of these and other popular designer brands:
● Arte
● Brunschwig & Fils
● Cole & Son
● Cowtan & Tout
● Farrow & Ball
● Phillip Jeffries
● Nina Campbell
● Osborne & Little
● Ronald Redding
● Sanderson
● Schumacher
● Thibaut
● York
● Zoffany

Getting Started With Your Wallpaper Project

The best way to start is to read my "Wallcovering Types" buyer's guide  before you pick out material. Once you select a wallcovering, bring the book home and give me a call. I will give you a free price estimate and consultation in your home. Then you can order the correct amount of material. If you can't get the book try to get info on the wallpaper like: roll width, length, and pattern repeat in inches. This is usually available on the company's site. This is really the only way to insure that you don't order too little or too much. Returning unused wallcovering costs you money unnecessarily. If you have any questions about anything call me or text me at  my cell 201-564-0845 or email me at jimparodi@gmail.com